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Clarification and explanation of the tasks of the motherboard


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Many of us may be exposed to a situation that pushes him to open the computer. After he opens it, he will wonder what he sees of an electronic panel on which there are many components and wires connected from the beginning to the end of the computer. He finds that the computer inside has a lot and does not know what those wires are and what they are connected to. In these, we show you what that electronic board called MotherBoard is.


It is considered an electronic board also called the “Mother Board” where all the components of the computer are connected to it because it is considered its primary role to link the components of the computer with each other, whether these components are hardware or software, and it also connects all these components with each other and organizes their work It organizes the transfer of data among themselves, and it is the process of defining the operating system with the components of the computer, and also it determines the type of processor that should be used and the random memory (RAM) that can be installed in the computer, and therefore it is considered the controller of the speed at which the computer works according to the components The processor and others connected to it, and after all those things that the motherboard can do, it considers the command and the prohibition after you in giving commands to all the computer accessories.

- Benefits and functions of the motherboard

1- It allows the exchange of data between all parts of the computer, so you find that any device you connect to the computer works in a way that is compatible with other devices.

2- It performs basic input and output operations to and from the hard disk or to any device connected to the computer.

3- It determines the extent of the device’s ability to be updated in order to increase its speed and capabilities in the future. You cannot upgrade one of the parts of your computer without knowing if that part is compatible with the motherboard or not. Therefore, we advise you to read the topic of assembling a compatible device .

4- It determines the type of peripheral devices that we can install. We cannot connect devices that are not compatible with the motherboard. They may work, but not with the traditional efficiency.

5- A computer equipped with a good motherboard is considered to be faster than the other computer with a bad motherboard, even if the other components such as random memory and the processor are the same, so it is considered the most important piece that you should choose when buying a computer.

motherboard components

We must identify the components of the motherboard in order to make a better choice when buying. We may find different shapes, sizes and even places for installing hardware parts, but despite the difference, there are some basic components that are present despite their different shapes and locations.

1- Power connector

It is a socket or port with holes connected to a cable to connect the electrical current to the motherboard in order to start its work.

2- CPU socket

It is a box made of plastic with slots or holes commensurate with the number of needles that are in the processor. Different types of processors can be connected, provided that the number of slots and the number of needles in the processor is proportional.

3- Memory slots

They are long-shaped slots whose function is to connect random memory (RAM) to the motherboard, and their shape varies according to the type of memory and is often located to the right of the processor socket in most motherboards.

4- BIOS chip

It is an abbreviation of Basic Input Output System, and one of its most important functions is to manage and operate the computer hardware. It loads the operating system and also helps the operating system and its programs to operate the computer components.


They are slots or cracks located at the bottom of the motherboard, and its primary function is to connect the primary and secondary cards to the computer.

6- Chipsets

It consists of two slides, each called the North Bridge Slide and the South Bridge Slide, and its main functions are to connect the motherboard pieces to each other, whether internal or external.

7- CMOS chip

It stands for Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor and is a chip in which all BIOS information is stored.

8- Winbond and ITE . SIMs

They are two chips produced by two different companies, but they do the same work. They act as a temperature sensor for the motherboard and processor, as well as manage and regulate the efforts and number of fan coils connected to the computer.

9- Timing Signal circuit

It is an electrical circuit that generates waves or impulses that in turn work on synchronization and compatibility between the motherboard circuits and that is due to the different voltages of the existing circuits.

10- Voltage circuits

It is a set of circuits that regulate and distribute the voltage of the processor, memory, and integrated circuits on the motherboard. There are three types of COILS, Capacitors, and MOSFETs. The first works to prevent excessive electrical current, and the second is responsible for the quality of the electrical signal that reaches the processor, and The third is responsible for reducing the resistance when charging and discharging electric current.

These were the internal components of the motherboard, while the external components were ports for connecting some peripheral devices.

internal components

1- Serial Ports

Its function is to connect the mouse and some external devices such as the Internet cable.

2- PS . ports

They are two ports of similar shape and different color, and the keyboard and mouse are connected to it.

3- Parallel Ports

Its normal function is to connect the Scanner and Printer.

4- USB ports

It is considered the most widely used ports now, whether in the mouse or in the keyboard and in flashes.

In this article, we tried to introduce you to what is the function of a mother board and what are its internal and external components. Of course, we did not mention everything, but we mentioned the important and basic pieces, so you should improve the choice of the motherboard, as it is the reason for the device to be free of faults and work with you quickly and performance High hope you have benefited.

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