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Nintendo Switch 32GB Red and Blue 2017 Edition

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Description: The Nintendo Portable Game System can be connected to the Internet wirelessly. The Nintendo Switch has a multi-colored body. The Nintendo Switch game console brings you new gaming possibilities. The Joy Con right-hand controller has an infrared motion-sensing camera, which detects the distance, motion, and shape of nearby objects in some specially designed games. Moreover, you can take the device with you anywhere, turning it from your home gaming system into a great portable gaming console. This device can be carried by hand, which will provide you with ease and comfort in carrying and moving with it, and this will add an additional feature to the device in addition to its great power in playing games, in addition to the revolutionary and unique gameplay that will give you the Joy Con dual controllers. The Nintendo Switch console will bring you a dazzling multiplayer and solo gaming experience at home, and will immerse you in amazing 5.1 channel surround sound, for a complete gaming experience. Available in multiple colors, the Nintendo Switch game console uses WiFi to allow you to access the Internet wirelessly. Key Features Internal storage 32 GB MicroSD card Battery life up to 6 hours Portable screen size: 6.2 Portable screen resolution: 1280 * 720 A special amazing gaming experience The Nintendo Switch console lets you enjoy a great home gaming system anywhere, anytime. The ergonomic design of the device allows you to take it with you anywhere. At home, the Nintendo Head Unit can be attached to the base, which enables you to connect the system to compatible display systems so you can play with friends and family in the comfort of your living room. Lift your Nintendo console from the base, and it instantly transforms into a handheld gaming console, so you can play it while you're on the go. When you share Joy Con controllers, you can face your opponents head-on while you're out and about. Take control of the Nintendo mobile gaming system includes an advanced NVIDIA graphics processor, which delivers impressive graphics processing. The device also features a storage capacity of 32 GB. You can expand the storage space further by installing microSDXC or MicroSD memory cards to meet the data requirements of demanding gaming titles. Distinctive Features The Nintendo mobile gaming system enables you to connect to the Internet wirelessly. If the device is connected to the base, it can use a wired Internet connection through the LAN port. The capture button on the Joy Con controller allows you to take screenshots while gaming, super fast and without stopping. You can then view the photos, edit them, and publish them to various social networks. Moreover, the Nintendo console includes many innovative technologies built in such as motion sensors, advanced HD Rumble, infrared motion sensor camera, support for 5.1 channel surround sound, and other great features that will give you a gaming experience. Realistic and better than before.
1,399 SAR
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