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ASTRO C40 تحكم Controller

999 SAR

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The ASTRO C40 Controller for the PlayStation can be completely modified. High quality controller designed for professional gamers. It is very flexible in use and you can adjust it to suit you, such as reversing the position of the joysticks and the control arrows with ease, as well as modifying the back buttons that you can program to choose what suits you and this helps you to get the best possible way of playing thanks to your own control of it. You can also use it wired Or wireless, and there is also a special program through which you can modify more than one special settings file to get the appropriate game method for you for different games and ease of change between them.The battery of the controller lasts up to 12 hours of continuous use, as it is made to last with playing time. Officially approved by Sony Corporation. ASTRO C40 special program [Click here to download the program] Edit, customize and program the controller settings and files as well. You can also modify some audio properties, change between two files that are saved in the same controller with ease and without any delay. More features: Ready for tournaments: The controller is ready for tournaments and any environment. It provides you with design and performance for all kinds of games. Programmable buttons: The back buttons improve your accuracy and speed of pressing the buttons in critical times of playing. You can modify everything you want to ensure that you get to your favorite game mode. Adjust the buttons directly from the controller even without using a computer program. You can use it wired or wirelessly

999 SAR
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