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J Channel Desk Cable Organizer by SimpleCord – 5 Black Raceway Channels - Cord Cover Management Kit for Desks, Offices, and Kitchens

129 SAR

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  • Extra strong tape included with each kit. Don't worry about sinks falling off your desk or wall after just one week. We've included extra strength self-adhesive tape that's twice as wide and much stronger than similar products on the market today!
  • Each package contains five 16" channels. If your project needs flexibility, this is the perfect set for you. Whether you'll be running your wires horizontally or vertically, shorter ducts help make installation easier.
  • Unlocked channel for easy access. The open top design allows for easy installation and management of your wires. This is especially useful for power cables that you may move around with somewhat like a phone charger. Raceways can be cut if you need a different size.
  • Perfect for the office or living space. The J Style Cable Organizer from SimpleCord is perfect for desks, desks, baseboards or kitchens. It's a simple solution to your tangled and messy wires.
  • Remove the bottom of the eye from the hanging cords. Protect your children from cables and wires hanging near the ground. If you are worried about laying wires on the ground, this is a quick and easy solution to your problem. Simple installation allows you to safely hide cables around your desk or baseboard.

129 SAR
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