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Astro A50 PlayStation 4 Edition Headset

1,150 SAR

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The new Astro A50 gaming headset delivers world-class performance and delivers the finest details and sounds whatever the ergonomics and sound quality, with a durability designed specifically for professional gamers. Experience legendary audio and high performance without the hassle of cables, connections and wires. With a Wireless Base Station, it delivers pure voice communication with very low latency. Connecting these headphones is very simple and easy and the same goes for the charging process, and speaking of charging, it is nice to know that this headphone can work for up to 15 hours continuously, which means that you will not suffer from any audio drop or distortion in the heat of the battle. Hear the voices of friends and foes from all angles with Dolby surround sound technology, and built-in MixAmp™ technology that optimizes the sound of conversations and games. The headphones also include a command center that allows professionals and live broadcasters to adjust each input and output parameters individually. For added flexibility, you can take advantage of optional A50 accessories such as a leather headband and ear cushions for added comfort and noise cancellation. 5GHZ wireless technology Astro Base Station Transmitter MixAmp Technology Built-in Precision Microphone with Mute Option Built-in Command Center Software Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound Technology

1,150 SAR
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