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playstation note book

76 SAR

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SUPERIOR DESIGN: Based on the original Sony console, the PlayStation Notebook features a retro cover. It's a unique gift for PlayStation fans and professionals. Find inspiration in this fun laptop. Conversational Starter: Start a fun conversation with a stranger about your mutual love for the classic gaming system. Immediately recognizable, everyone will want one. HIGH QUALITY: Whether you're an anarchist illustrator, meticulous note-taker, or an avid journal writer, this notebook comes with 200 blank pages for whatever writing activity you're about to begin. Perfect Present: Great for journal writers, Or doodles in the classroom, or excited about notes. Perfect for storing stuffed items, a Secret Office Santa, or a birthday gift for your best friend.Specifications: PlayStation Notebook is an officially licensed product. This notebook has 200 blank pages of notebook paper which is perfect for all your writing needs.

76 SAR
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