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thermal performance

Absolute for Gaming Cases Well-designed mid-white DP502 FLUX Gaming Bag is equipped with an industry-leading design for advanced breathability, taking Antec Dark league gaming bags to the next generation.

Why the new cooling solution?

When Intel announced its latest 10th generation CPU and AMD announced its new Ryzen 3 and 4 processors, they all offer impressive performance upgrades and better productivity, and it also means that the functional requirements of PC hardware have to go to the next level, especially thermal . performance.

To handle the stress caused by improved heat dissipation, Antec has developed a revolutionary airflow structure, providing an improved and robust cooling solution for your system. F-LUX platform.

F-LUX platform - the original cooling solution from Antec

What is the F-LUX platform? The definition of FLUX is Flow Luxury. The F-LUX platform is an industry-leading, new high-efficiency design by Antec featuring an advanced case chassis for excellent airflow and built-in 5 x 120mm fans A key element in the design ethos was to improve GPU cooling performance.

The F-LUX platform will provide massive airflow when the GPU is working, enhancing head dissipation and gaming performance.

F-LUX platform - the original cooling solution from Antec

5 x 120mm fans included.

Front: 3 x 120mm fans

The small front panel oscillates and opens with hairline surface treatment and all-around ventilation design that delivers massive cooling.

Rear: 1 x 120mm black fan

A lot of heat is drawn inside, which helps the CPU to cool off.

At the top of the PSU compartment: 1 x 120mm reverse fan

A 120mm inverter fan is pre-strained at the top of the PSU pod, which draws cool air into the case via ventilation in the right-hand panel and the bottom, providing increased GPU cooling performance.

The electroplating treated LED light on the upper left side offers a sci-fi ambiance.

Color your system via the built-in LED controller, what

All you have to do is LED mode button to control all the LED headlights. Or you can sync it with your motherboard to enjoy even more customized lighting effects.

- Integrated LED and PWM fan controller

- Sync with LED control button, supports up to 6 ARGB fans.

Install additional ARGB fans and sync with your motherboard to enjoy even more custom lighting effects.

Keep it clean

All axles have a dust seal that prevents them from being damaged.

- energy

- Hi-Res Audio

LED control button

- 2 x USB 3.0

4 mm glass side panel

Reinforced thumb-screw design at the back of the glass side panel, giving you quick access to the interior, and enhances rigidity.

easy clean

Front: magnetic large dust filter

Bottom: large dust removal filter

Top: Magnetic large dust filter

Side: large magnetic dust filter

form factor

middle tower

motherboard support


Micro ATX

Mini ITX




I/O plate


LED control button

2 x USB 3.0

HD sound

side panel

4mm side tempered glass panel


Slots: 7

drive bays

5.25": 1

3.5" / 2.5" Convertible: 3/2

2.5": 3

support fan

Front: 3 x 120mm / 3 x 140mm (with 3 x 120mm fans)

Top: 3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm (without ODD stand and/without ODD stand)

or 2 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm (without ODD but with ODD mount)

or 2 x 120mm/1 x 140mm (when optical drive is installed)

PSU Cover: 2 x 120mm (1 x 120mm with reverse fan)

Rear: 1 x 120mm (1 x 120mm fan)

radiator support

Front: 120 mm / 240 mm / 280 mm / 360 mm

(Thickness less than 55mm when fans are installed outside the front panel)

(less than 30mm when the fans are installed inside the front panel)

Top: 240mm/280mm/360mm (without ODD and w/o ODD bracket)

or 240/280mm (w/o ODD but with ODD bracket)

or 120mm (when ODD installed)

Rear: 120mm


Max GPU Length: <405mm

Max CPU Cooler Height: <175mm

Max PSU Length: <205mm

dust filters

front / top / bottom / right side

Product Dimensions (D x W x H)

463 x 220 x 486 mm

the weight

Net: 7.55 kg

Gross: 8.7 kg

375 SAR
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