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Astro A10 headset blue and black

345 SAR

Remained 3

The A10 headphones ensure that you hear the sound of the game and the voice of your teammates with clarity and accuracy through the 40mm driver. It features a unidirectional microphone with cardioid mute and volume control buttons. The headset is damage-resistant with a rubber cap on the hard head and has been designed to be comfortable with lightweight materials and fabric that cushions for longer periods of gaming without fatigue.Suitable for gaming, broadcasting, virtual reality (specially optimized for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows 10 Tuned by ASTRO Audio Developed by professional gamers and game designers Detachable cables Key Features Lightweight memory foam ear cushions for comfortable gaming sessions Built-in flexible microphone facilitates crystal-clear voice calls while gaming High-fidelity sound, rich bass and sharp tone Balanced gaming experience are made for smooth gameplay long lasting materials

345 SAR
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