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Sniper Games Store We are proud to be one of the Saudi stores that provide all the needs of the player and those interested in electronic games, as we provide all the devices and accessories the playe

GameSir F2 Mobile Control Button

35 SAR

Remained 3

High Sensitive Metal Triggers --- Portable game controllers are designed with a special metal sensor and easy to apply on your phone, sensitive packages help you enjoy your game better. For FPS games --- L1R1 game players are designed for Fortnite Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, Garena Free Fire, Survivor Royale, Knives Out, Critical Ops, etc. Simple Operation --- With a portable console, you can in time Same move, rotate, aim and aim using index fingers to press buttons and eliminate the hassle of using only thumbs to operate - which will greatly increase the success of the game

35 SAR
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