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Gear Nakon Revolution Pro V2 Black

340 SAR

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Get the controller that will improve your gaming performance. Imagine getting a high level of control and discovering better ways to play. It will be difficult for everyone to defeat you. The professional controller is specially designed for you. It was developed and designed after reviewing many professional players. The Revolution Controller will change the level of e-sports. Easy to control and change. Comfortable for the hand, and attractive to the eye. Key features: – Developed joysticks for better shooting – 8 directions of control arrows, very comfortable for fighting games – All buttons available in the original PlayStation 4 controller are available with revolution – Two additional buttons on the sides – Touchpad – Lighting to remind the number of the game And the level of charging – USB Type-C cord 3 meters long and can be removed for storage – 4 additional rear buttons and can be changed to any button – Weights to raise or reduce the weight of the control device contains 6 different weights – Dual rear drivers – Input and 3.5 mm connector to connect the headset – Fabric For cleaning and a small bag to save the device - a program to program your remote control - contains special PlayStation buttons: Gear Nacon Revolution Pro V2
340 SAR
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