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Logitech Mouse M90 (1000DPI)

29 SAR

Remained 3

About this product:-

Just the basics: Setup is quick and easy. You can just plug the cable into the USB port and use it right away.

No Wrong Motions: You can't go wrong with accurate visual tracking. It's a smooth drive - with or without a mouse pad.

Easy to set up and use: Setup is quick and easy - just plug the cable into the USB port. There is no software to install. And since it's wired, you can plug the cable into a USB port and use it right away. full size comfort,

SUPERIOR DESIGN: Designed to keep either hand happy. So you will feel comfortable, even after hours of use.

High-precision optical tracking: You'll enjoy smooth, responsive cursor control, accurate tracking, and easy text selection thanks to high-precision optical tracking (1000 dpi).

29 SAR
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