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Sniper Games Store We are proud to be one of the Saudi stores that provide all the needs of the player and those interested in electronic games, as we provide all the devices and accessories the playe

common questions

What is the order tracking method?

If the product is shipped, you will receive it. Message on your mobile

It contains a link that you can follow the order through

What are your return laws?

Return and exchange policy

1- The return and exchange period is 7 days from the date of receiving the order

2- Return and exchange if the product is in its original condition when purchased and in factory packaging.

3- You must ensure the appropriate age for games and devices that require a specific age.

4- You must make sure of the games that only work with an internet connection.

5- In the event of any problems with prepaid cards, the customer must communicate directly with the agent.

6- The store bears all return shipping costs if the product does not match the description only

What do I do if another merchandise is delivered other than the one I ordered?

If you receive other goods that you did not order, please contact us with the order number. We will then assist you to return the goods and exchange them with the correct ones. You can contact us at 0500780737

How do I receive electronic cards, such as Alstor cards?

Electronic cards After we confirm the payment, we send a text message to your number registered with us. And you can also get the codes in your personal account from the list of your requests.

What payment methods do you have?

We have payment available via installments - Visa - Payment after 14 days - Payment upon receipt - Mada - MasterCard.

I bought several products and only received some of them?

In the event of unavailability or shortage of some products, the currently available will be shipped and the amount will be refunded to your account.

How do I cancel my order?

If the order is less than an hour, the order will be canceled and the full amount will be refunded to the customer without any discount.

What are the amounts deducted after the first hour of ordering?

The shipping value (the value of the dispatch) will be deducted, and the remaining amount will be refunded after that

What are the amounts deducted after the order is shipped and delivered to the shipping company or representative?

The shipping value will be deducted (sent to the customer + returned to the warehouse) and the remaining amount will be recovered from the total value after that.

I ordered a product and I could not receive the shipment from the representative of the shipping company or the company’s branch, the address was wrong, the registered number was wrong, or the shipping company did not respond?

Shipping value will be deducted (sent to the customer + returned to the warehouse)

The remaining amount will be refunded after that

I bought a product and my order was canceled from you?

If it turns out that the quantity is out of stock, the order will be canceled and the amount will be refunded to your account.

How long does it take to get the money back into the account?

The refund period takes a maximum of 3 working days.

Are the prices on the site identical to the branches?

Prices and quantities on the site are different from the branch.

Can I order from the website and receive from the branch?


The site has its own repository and has nothing to do with the branches

I bought a recharge card and it refused to be shipped to me?

We are just a point of sale for cards

And in case there is any problem with the shipping cards

Please contact the recharge card agents directly

Card issuing company Contact number Card issuer company Contact number

Saudi iTunes


8008449724 (STC)

800850032 (Zain & Mobily)

Saudi Playstation



Google Play Saudi


8008110387 (STC)

8008500199 (Zain & Mobily)

Saudi Xbox



Zain Saudi Arabia


959 (French)

0590000959 (Others)

Mobily Saudi Arabia


1100 (Mobily)

0560101100 (Others)

Sawa cards


900 (STC)

0114555555 (Others)

If your card is not one of these cards, contact the meaning of 0500780737