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Sniper Games Store We are proud to be one of the Saudi stores that provide all the needs of the player and those interested in electronic games, as we provide all the devices and accessories the playe

Discount Coupons

To apply to join e-marketing.

In the discount coupon system

What's the online markiting ?

It is that you publish the store link to your friends or followers via WhatsApp, Instagram, Snap and others, with an explanation of the product and its features. By using your discount code on the payment page, the discount will be applied upon ordering.

How much do I get from marketing?

You will be given a 10% rate and a maximum of 50 riyals for each sale made through your link or your discount code and will be reviewed periodically.

How do I know how much I achieved sales and profits?

You will be provided with a link to view your sales stats and we advise you not to share it with anyone.

When will my marketing earnings be transferred?

When your profits reach the minimum of 300 riyals, the amount will be transferred to your bank account.

How do I start affiliate marketing?

Contact us on the link by clicking on the word ( here ) to request to join the program and you will be provided with a marketing link, a discount code and a link to follow up on your sales and profits.

We wish you success.