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tabby customer service

common questions

Q1/ Do I have to be an employee or work for an official body in order to register and purchase through installments?

A- No. You can register and complete the procedures quickly through the TABI website, and then enter the details of the ATM card (mada-Visa-MasterCard) at any bank.

Q2/ Are there any fees for ordering or paying through TABI?

A2 / There are no additional payment fees, all you have to do is the value of the order as in the invoice issued from our website, without any installment fees or service or additional fees.

Q3 / When will the shipment be sent and how to deal after that?

A3- After entering the card number and withdrawing the first installment from the Tappy website, you will be transferred to our website, and the request will be received by us, and the request will be processed immediately

Q4/ If the payment is made and I want to cancel the order immediately, what should I do?

A4/ Contact us directly and we cancel our order and we communicate with Tabi on your behalf and the amount of the first payment will be refunded to your bank account and the order will be completely canceled _ Contact number 0500780737

TAPI - Operations and Customer Service

Contains email addresses and phone numbers that can be used to reach customer support and partner support teams.

Via the link:

( https://help.tabby.ai/ar ) for any common questions a customer may have regarding Tabby.

Contact numbers and addresses

Customer service phone number in the UAE: +97145868775

Customer service phone number in Saudi Arabia: +966115202646

For any questions / inquiries from customers, please ask them to contact: help@tabby.ai

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