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Gear G29 Shifter

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Description: This Logitech gearbox is compatible with games that are compatible with Logitech steering wheels; The Logitech gear shifter provides smooth gear shifting with great ease.The Logitech G gear shifter gives you the great feeling of being in the race; It is designed to be compatible with Logitech G29 and G920 steering wheels. Logitech gearboxes give you an unparalleled gaming experience with PC games or other gaming devices; It features a gear shifter made of solid steel to ensure great durability; It also features a handwoven leather handle cover to give you an incomparable feel. The Logitech gearbox also features an H-shape shift system to ensure smooth and easy shifting of gears. The gear shifter also features locking clips to ensure that the tool rests on the table or on the steering gear. Available in an elegant black color, the Logitech gearbox will be a great addition to your driving tools.Key FeaturesType: ControllerCompatible with: PCConnectivity:USB Multiple speeds; 6Unleash the driver inside for a Logitech gearshifter that gives you a lifelike gaming experience; To be the perfect addition to your driving gear. Logitech gearboxes ensure you get acceleration with every gear shift; The gear shifter has 6 speeds in an H shape to ensure easy and smooth shifting. The shift paddle shifts tightly at each gear to enable optimal gear shifting on straight roads or sharp turns. High-quality craftsmanship The shifter enables you to drive with great confidence and comfort; It features a stainless steel shaft to provide you with great durability; In addition to the handle covered with hand-woven leather that gives you an elegant look, similar to a real gearbox; In addition to giving you great comfort during the switch

299 SAR
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