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Resident Evil 3

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Resident Evil 3 is a re-development of the third part of the ancient horror series, which takes place before and during the events of the second part, with modern graphics and control and some changes and additions in the story, events and places. As smooth as we saw in the second part redevelopment, there is a good variety of enemies. It is one of the most beautiful games of the generation and the world invites you to explore it and progress in it and contemplate its details, perhaps more than any previous part. A good mix of an open world cityscape and buildings that move in line with the story. The music is very beautiful, whether it's the soothing safety room music or the scary and stressful music in the anticipating and exciting moments during the important scenes. Most of the music is remakes of the original game's music. The major shift is in the vocal performance, character expressions, and cinematic direction of this part especially with its strong beginning. The best story in the series is probably the plot, especially its interconnection with some of the other parts, and characters like Jill and Carlos are very elaborate and natural. Jill lived the events of the first part and is still suffering from its consequences and this is evident in her actions here and her dialogues, while Carlos hides behind his sarcasm a character with principles and responsibility and in this part he has become one of the most beloved characters in the series. Explore the world gradually and move from one area to another with the story by solving puzzles and on dangerous enemies if you are not ready for them. The gameplay is still attractive with its mixture of action, puzzles, exploration and resource management. This part adds the ability to interact with the world by exploding fuel barrels to kill enemies or shooting generators to stun them, as well as the ability to dodge last minute strikes which adds a lot to playing this part, and of course the character Nemesis, which haunts you throughout the game and becomes more and more dangerous with the sequence of events, is more of an essential part here than Mr. X in the previous part. This is one of the most games in the series that you would like to finish several times and on different difficulties. It is shorter than the second part, but the enemies are more fierce, the direction of action is greater, you play in a more focused area and the sequence of events is smoother than the original. There are challenges (such as killing a number of enemies with a specific weapon) that give you artistic graphics and figures of characters in addition to a currency with which you can buy weapons, clothes, etc., and some like coins that raise your defense or attack that you can use to facilitate some of the more difficult phases. The game comes with the game Resident Evil Resistance, which Played in a separate app instead of in-game mode, it is an online game that pits 4 survivors against one mastermind, in which the survivors try to solve puzzles and advance to the end while the mastermind can set traps and enemies and even control them to thwart the survival mission. I was only able to play the beta because I couldn't find other players, but it's a promising game even if the mastermind often wins.

155 SAR
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