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nintendo switch screen protector

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Leandro nintendo switch screen protector specially designed for Nintendo Switch,easy to install without bubbles9H hardness provides excellent protection for Nintendo Switch,can prevent damage from other daily uses such as nail fractures,key scractures,docking and other screen scratchesUltra-thin only 0.26mm thickness, HD, high light transmittance, it also has anti-UV coating and anti-fingerprint coating to prevent the screen from too many fingerprints and dust, so you can enjoy your Nintendo Switch game more clearlyLeandro Switch tempered glass has a special explosion-proof coating, when the tempered glass is affected And it cracks, it will not be broken into small pieces and come off, the debris will adhere well to its surface 2.5D edge arc technology, when the corner is affected by external force, it is not easily broken, feels comfortable to the touch, and does not hurt the hand
29 SAR
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