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Move controller for virtual reality glasses and camera

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Game on Sony's PlayStation Move Motion console. These controllers feature motion tracking technology that, when used in conjunction with PlayStation Eye on PS3 or PlayStation 4 Camera on PS4, accurately translates your movements into the game world. Connect it to your PlayStation system via bluetooth and arm yourself with a controller in each hand to punch and punch in the boxing arena, block and attack in the gladiator arena, or draw your arrow and set yourself free in the shooting tournament. Moreover, the lighting field and vibration feedback interact with your in-game actions and events for an engaging gaming experience. Unlock additional features and capabilities with the PlayStation VR motion controller. In addition to the PlayStation Eye or PlayStation 4 Camera, PlayStation Move controllers can precisely track your every movement. Built-in color-changing and vibration feedback to your actions and movements to create engaging experiences. Use two motion controllers - one in each hand - to expand your gaming capabilities. Connect up to four motion controllers per console

529 SAR
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